As the world stage turns further away from the Political issues and begins to rise above the Politics that seems to pervade any Sport.

Competition by its very nature tends to gather “well competitive type personalities”
In this quest, the end game can often be lost in the desire to be supreme.

For the majority of the world, this becomes apparent and tiresome, often turning those most interested away as they see the Manipulation and complete reversal of the spirit any sport is intended to extend.

A place to allow those wanting to extend and compete, a voice and platform to share and engage in an art form or sport they love

Sourcing Professional Competition does not mean you are bound or shackled.
Qualifying events where you are the only competitor is not only laughable but most peculiar.  With a number of organizations seemingly oblivious to the absurdity involved, let alone the sheer disregard this has for those who have spent endless hours, time money and effort training, pressing on insisting one must attend or be judged by the “chosen few” to qualify for …?

There can be no assurance that manipulation is not rife when you dig a little deeper and search out the backgrounds of organizations and the directions they take.

Do yourself, the art, and the sport a favor and take some time.
Be part of the problem or part of the solution.
The choice is yours.


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