For those who simply want to enjoy the dance.
Apolitical, local, world-class competitions, socials, opinions and more.
Without fear or favor.

400 VOICES script click here
script options: note you can answer any or all as you desire. Feel free to put your own take on the input. and YES you may add as many places/countries you dance or have danced in. 🙂
The purpose of the snippets and community input is to display the world of dance options available to all, regardless of ability.
(Its OK if you make a mistake or repeat as these will all be edited, combined into a montage or used as appropriate. 🙂

My name is —-
I am in my —- (age group ie teens, 20s 90s)
for folks under teens please state an age. eg: I am 9

Dancing is my — (passion, passtime, profession)

I like to dance — style (eg: OT/ NV, Rock, DanceSport)

I dance in — areas (eg: New Jersey, Brighton, Cairns)
I have danced — areas (UK, US, NZ)
I play in — areas ( Musicians eg: Brighton, Cairns)

I dance/play — times a (regularity – week, month etc)

I have been dancing/playing for —
(eg time : 10 plus years)

Dancing keeps you — (eg: fit,active)
Dancing makes you — (eg: happy, smile)
and ANY other comments or input you would like to add.




Coming soon.
Featuring Local Talent, 4 in a row, 400 tunes a day.
Your DANCE commUNITY your way.

Incorporating the National Songwriter winners into each day – by listening you are keeping dance music alive

Have your say on what you would like to hear.




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