Evolve or Die

So as the world comes to the realization that something has to give.
It seems there are fragments combining in the dance world, those who have sat silent or watched from the sidelines in despair at the changes taking place.
Every organization has to evolve or die.
However, sometimes we verge on throwing out all that was good to replace with new.
This by its very nature is not sustainable and is no more than creating a “new system” not an evolved system.

As the pushback grows around the world, with players, takeovers, manipulation there are many who are no longer remaining silent.
The whistleblowers who pay the penalty are owed a gratitude that can be repaid by being part of the move forward.

New organizations are forming in an attempt to create “failsafes” for the manipulation of Governance and Personal gain over the wider community.  With many of those believing the only way forward is to start from a completley new position.
This is a huge undertaking, but one many see as the only way forward to be released from the shadows of the past.

It is not hard to find these orgs when you start digging.

A recent addition is the breakaway from WDC with a newly formed World Artisitc Dance Federation whose Governing base include an impressive array of experience and previous management within organizations feared to have lost their way.
Ultimate goal being – Dancers wanting to compete are not forced into manipulated posiitons and can compete for the love of dance.



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